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Dry Wall Repair Service

Quality drywall repair in West Michigan: we specialize in fast patch drywall repair.

We repair any sort of damage done to your walls. Do you need wall repair after plumbing or electrical work? We can get the job done right.

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Why Choose Us?

Because our professional drywall installers treat the customer right and do a clean job. Our work is second to none, competitively priced and guaranteed.

Standard Pricing


$ 399
  • Under 2 ft² or
  • Up to 3 tiny areas


$ 499
  • Under 3 ft² or
  • Up to 4 tiny areas


$ 599
  • 3-4 patches up to 1 ft² or
  • Few larger areas not to exceed 6ft²


$ 699
  • 5-6 patches up to 1ft² or
  • Few larger areas not to exceed 8ft²


$ ???
  • Anything Larger
  • Requires an in-person estimate

Your project will be measured based on difficulty seen. Here are a few factors that may increase your quote from our typical standard pricing guide:

  • Are obstructions in and around a repair?
  • Is your repair on the ceiling?
  • Do you require a specialty or knockdown texture?
  • Smooth walls? We may need to add a return visit.
  • Is your repair on a seam from wall to ceiling? What about a corner?
  • Have you attempted the repair first?
  • Do you have different drywall thicknesses?
  • What about plaster?
  • Is your repair over 10ft high?
  • Is it safe for our techs to reach?
  • Are the repairs on the same floor?
  • Do you have a difficult entrance, like flights of stairs?
  • Do you live in an apartment or condo?
  • Is parking close by?

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